During the normal day to day operation of both Teaching and Commercial nail bars, both dust and fumes which can be hazardous to health are be generated. These emissions are required to be controlled under current C.O.S.H.H. regulations.
-Liquid and powder acrylic systems and UV nails can cause dermatitis
-Dust filings creates dust that can cause wheezing, chest tightness and asthma
-Acrylic fumes can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and irritation

Duscovent Engineering Ltd can supply and install a full range of extraction equipment able to cater for a single operator or full class of students using extractors that are able to either re-circulate the cleaned airstream back into the room or via an externally located filter unit that discharges to atmosphere.

Both bench mounted, self supporting extract arms can be supplied as well as table top insert grilles connected to either fixed ductwork systems or individual filters depending on how portable or flexible the work area is required to be.

nail3Photograph showing NB200 connected to client’s workbench




Detail of NB200 in use

nail4Discreet capture plate for dust and fumes

The down flow grille manufactured from high quality stainless steel is a discreet capture device highly effective at capturing dust and heavy fumes from gluing, acrylics and solvents.
It can be integrated directly into the bench top surface and does not
interfere with other equipment on the work surface.