Various dust and fume extract systems to workshops relocated within the new campus at Millbank on the river Thames including;

Extraction to two wood workshops, each incorporating DUSMATIC auto-shake clean filter units and high-pressure booster fans for individual machines where required.

Extraction to two metal workshops, each incorporating DUSMATIC auto-shake clean filter units with integral HEPA filtration, articulated crane arms and connection to fixed grinding machines.

Fume extraction to metal working lathe to remove mist from oil based coolant.

Mobile extraction unit to provide on-tool extraction for hand held, metalworking power tools.

Fume extraction from plasma cutting table.

Mobile plaster booth with integral filtration for powder tipping and mixing applications.

Mobile spraybooth for use with wet glaze sprays includes integral three-stage filtration for re-circulation of extracted air, stainless steel liner with drain point and task lighting.

Three off underbench filter units with articulated extract arms for extraction of airborne dust during powder weighing and mixing.

Four off free hanging media filters to collect `fly` threads and lint from within the loom and weaving workshops.

Reference: DE2324