Duscovent are leading supplier of parts and spares for all your dust filtration products.

We carry spares from all the leading manufacturers including GOYEN, MECAIR, ASCO and TURBO.

For example, below we have put a list of one of the most popular spares, diaphragm repair kits, to give you a quick indication of what we can provide for you. We also provide many other types of spares / parts for whatever your needs may be.

Please call or email us for availability, delivery times and for our competitive prices.




Goyen Diaphragm Repair Kits:

K2000, K2003, K2007, K2016, K2017, K2500, K2501, K2503, K2529, K2530, K3500, K3501, K4000, K4007, K4502, K4503, K4533, K4538





Mecair Diaphragm Repair Kits:

KITDB 16/G, KIT DB18/G, KIT DB112/G, KIT DB114/C, KIT DB116/C









ASCO Diaphragm Repair Kits:

C113-443, C113-444, C113-684, C113-685, C113-686, C113-825, C113-826, C113-827, C123-011, C123-015, C132-008, C132-009, C132-010, C132-012, C132-013, C132-014, K0096-975



Turbo Diaphragm Repair Kits:

K-M20, K-M25, K-M36, K-M40, K-M50, K-M75