Duscovent Engineering Limited can supply and install a wide range of reverse jet type industrial dust extraction systemsfilter units to suit many applications.

Reverse jet type collectors are available in many forms and with the different styles of media and surface treatments available, can be used on a wide variety of processes and dust extraction systems.

In the past, Duscovent Engineering Limited have employed reverse jet type collectors on chemical and pharmaceutical production, food processing, motor and building product production as well as heavy industrial applications such as metal manufacture, foundry work and quarries.

jet2Reverse jet type filters operate with an efficient cleaning system that provides a burst of compressed air, released via a venturi, into the filter element. The venturi induces an additional large volume of clean air into the element, which produces a momentary reverse flow that pulses the element and dislodges the dust collecting on the surface of the media.

Various styles or types of media can be used within a reverse jet filter;
Fabric filter media in the style of tubular bags or envelopes is the traditional method used within many reverse jet filters. Tubular bags offer the advantage of being able to handle high dust loading and course or fibrous materials.

Cartridge type media, usually in the form of tubular pleated elements, offer a larger surface area within a more compact design, leading to a smaller filter possibly being employed. This style of media is ideal for fine dusts.

Cassette type media operates with a series of linear ‘mini-bags’ arranged within one single element operating with a large surface area. Each cassette is held in place by a simple cam lock arrangement, which allows one maintenance operator to change a large amount of filter area very quickly.