This unit has become a standard for the Dust Extraction and Air Flow industries. Many years of reliable service have made it the number one choice for accuracy, longevity and cost-effectiveness. Constructed from optimum materials, it features multiple mounting capability (surface, panel, pipe etc.); a low distortion lens; an easy-to-read precision dial and pointer; jewelled bearings; zero adjustment; pressure sealed die-cast aluminium case with blow-out plug for safety and a range of scales and models to cover just about every practical application. This product is intended for use with air and compatible gases only. Standard gauges are not suitable for use with hydrogen and may even give off an explosive and toxic gas. Each gauge is supplied complete with 2 connectors to suit 4/5mm bore nylon tube, 2 plugs to blank off redundant ports as well as screws and fittings for panel mounting.

For surface mounting, just use 3 off 6-32 screws approximately 6mm longer than the thickness of the mounting surface or easier still use a Surface Mounting Plate (Pt. No. A368). You will find various accessories to facilitate installing your gauge easily available. Maintenance is no problem – just keep it clean and periodically re-zero (if required). No lubrication or other action is needed.





This has it all – it is compact, cost effective, reliable and accurate. Either panel or surface mounted with easy-to-read pointers and dials, calibrated in Imperial and Metric systems, it is safe for pressures up to 200kPa. It can be used almost anywhere the larger Magnelic is used, with only small sacrifices of accuracy and range. Robust enough to cope with rough handling and exposure this little gem comes complete with over pressure protection and the capability of single hole panel mounting. Inadvertant or transient pressures beyond the stated range will not damage the gauge below the rated total pressure. The lens and rear housing are demountable for ease of replacement, servicing, zeroing etc.

The gauge is integrally fitted with barbed tubing connections (fir tree fittings) to suit 5mm I/D tubing.