Turnkey project for the replacement of filter and fan set at a northwest based manufacturer of refractory materials, including supply of filter, fan set with inverter controlled variable speed drive, acoustics, discharge to atmosphere via existing stack and full electrical installation.


Pulse jet filter unit incorporates tubular filter media with a super glaze surface treatment for a total filter area of 841 m². Filter casing constructed from 3mm thick mild steel plate, suitably stiffened to withstand a negative pressure of 1000mm wg, and 2 pack epoxy paint finish. Twin outlet hoppers complete with slide valves for discharge to tote bags. Filter includes full maintenance platform with handrails and access.

Fan set constructed from mild steel plate, directly driven by inverter-controlled 250kw, 4 pole Eff1 motor for a total extract volume of 68,000 m³/hour

Acoustic package designed for a boundary noise level of 60dBa

Discharge to atmosphere via connection to existing vertical discharge stack