Duscovent Engineering Limited can supply and install a wide range of fume extract cupboards for use in schools, colleges, universities as well as hospitals and uses within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Each fume cupboard is designed to meet the high standards required in the extraction and dispersal of gasses classed as hazardous to health and to comply with the latest C.O.S.H.H. regulations, BS 7258/EN 14175, Building bulletin 88 and have been tested to CLEAPSS and SSERC.

Frames are constructed from a variety of materials including wood, Trespa laminate, steel and safety glass panels.

Internal liners can be included with a removable back baffle.

Toughened glass counterbalanced sash for ease of use complete with stainless steel fittings for longer life.

Dished epoxy work surface for spill containment and high heat and chemical resistance properties.


Each cupboard can be individually designed complete with a full range of services including gas and water taps complete with drip cup and drain, sink and internal lighting complete with safety glass fascia panel.

Front mounted services can include light switch, 13 amp double electrical sockets, combined airflow monitor and alarm and independent fan controls.

The fume cupboards can also incorporate under-slung storage cupboards with ventilated storage and removable cupboards also available.

A full range of complimentary laboratory furniture and fittings are also available on request.

Bench mounted, non-ducted re-circulating and mobile fume cupboards are also available.