Duscovent Engineering Limited can supply and install a wide range of ‘F’ type or fabric filters to suit many different applications.


In general, ‘F’ type collectors use tubular polyester needlefelt filter bags housed within a modular, galvanised sheet steel enclosure to separate particulate from the conveying airstream. Filters can range in size from portable single bag units suitable for use with individual cutting machines or large centralised extract plants designed for use on large scale production workshops.

The contaminated airstream enters the collection hopper with the larger dust particles falling into the collection or discharge point. The fine dust remains airborne and is filtered by the tubular media. The cleaned air passes through the media and is discharged either back into the workshop or out to atmosphere. The fine dust remains on the inner surface of the tubular media where it is dislodged by the cleaning mechanism and falls back into the hopper for collection or automatic discharge.

Dependent upon the size of the system, waste through put and clients waste disposal arrangements, the hopper can be designed for collection of waste into plastic sacks or metal bins. Automatic discharge via a screw conveyor, drag link chain or rotary valve to clients skip, bunker, silo or road transport container can also be included.


Cleaning of the filter media can be carried out in one of the following ways;

  • Natural regeneration allows the tubular filter media to deflate on fan shutdown, which disturbs the surface of the bag and allows the dust deposits to fall into the hopper.
  • Automatic shaking is operated by the control panel and vibrates the filter media hanging system and disturbs the fine dust deposit.
  • Automatic regeneration consists of fans, which inject air back into the clean side of the filter to equalise the internal pressure and prevent airflow through the media. The fine dust is disturbed and allowed to fall back into the hopper.