Turnkey package to provide a dust extraction system serving powder tipping stations at dry and wet blend automated mixing machines used for the production of plastic powders and granules.

A series of individually designed capture hoods and articulated extract arms provides dust extraction at both powder input and product discharge points. The hoods are connected via a suction ductwork system to an externally located DUSJET type pulse jet filter with compressed air cleaning for 24-hour operation and ATEX approved explosion relief for ST1 rated dusts.

The system was designed to extract a volume of 5850 m³/hour and the filter plant incorporates 105m² of pleated polyester cartridge media with an epitropic surface treatment to provide filtration of the carbon black type paint dust. The integral fan set is directly driven by an 11kw motor and incorporates an outlet silencer to provide low noise emissions.

Provision of concrete base and full electrical and compressed air installation by Duscovent Engineering Limited.

Reference: DE2433