The Duscovent DUSMATIC underbench filter is a compact, self-contained dust collector with integral fan, silencer, filter media and manual shake clean mechanism which extracts at source, filters and collects industrial process dust and waste.

The underbench filter unit allows for maximum airflow within minimum floor space.

The compact design allows it to be located under an existing workbench, be used as a run off table for a saw or similar whilst the sturdy construction allows it to be used as a base for small machines.

The DUSMATIC underbench filter incorporates high efficiency filter media selected to suit the particular application in a tapered envelope arrangement; surface treatments and alternative media are available to suit client’s particular application.

The DUSMATIC underbench filter is fabricated from prime quality sheet steel plate with welded and sealed joints. The large lift off door allows maintenance access to the internal filter media, fan impellor and shaking linkage. The unit is finished with hammer type paint suitable for an internal location. Dust collection takes place within the large capacity pull out drawer whilst airflow is generated by the side mounted centrifugal fan, directly driven by a flange mounted, squirrel cage motor. Motors are available suitable for either single or three phase electrical supply.

The contaminated dust enters the filter unit through on inlet spigot located at the rear of the collection drawer. Large dust particles drop into the body of the drawer, whilst the finer dust remains airborne and is filtered by the tapered media. The cleaned air is drawn through the fan and is discharged back into the workshop via the attenuated outlet. The fine dust on the surface of the filter media is dislodged by the manual shaking mechanism and then falls into the collection drawer.