Dust and fume extraction system serving an automated robotic spraying application involving P.U. based paints for the production of car windscreens.

A series of individually designed capture hoods, each with the capability of being quickly positioned to suit different jig applications, provides dust and fume extraction at source. The hoods are connected via a suction ductwork system to an externally located DUSJET type pulse jet filter with compressed air cleaning for 24-hour operation and ATEX approved explosion relief for ST2 rated dusts.

The system was designed to extract a volume of 4350 m³/hour and the filter plant incorporates 79m² of pleated polyester cartridge media with an epitropic surface treatment to provide filtration of the carbon black type paint dust. An activated carbon filter pack provides filtration of solvent fumes prior to discharge to atmosphere. The fan set is directly driven by an 11kw EFF1 motor and incorporates inlet and outlet silencers in conjunction with a lagged casing to provide low noise emissions.