The Duscovent DUSMATIC is a compact, self-contained industrial dust collector with fan, dusmatic-large-pic1silencer and filter media which extracts, filters and collects industrial process dust and waste.

The DUSMATIC auto shake clean filter houses high efficiency filter media selected to suit the particular application in a tapered envelope pocket arrangement complete with steel mesh inserts suspended within a mild steel constructed housing.

The DUSMATIC unit incorporates a sealed collection bin, an integral directly driven fan set and a control panel with auto-shake clean facility on fan shutdown is also available.

The contaminated dust enters the filter through an inlet spigot, located on the hopper above the collection bin and which incorporates product pre-separation. Large particles drop out into the hopper, whilst the finer dust remains airborne and is filtered by the tapered filter element. The cleaned air is drawn through the fan and discharged via the attenuated air outlet. The fine dust on the filter surface is dislodged by the automatic shaking mechanism and then falls into the collection bin. The shaking mechanism is activated automatically on fan shutdown and is controlled by a run down timer.

The DUSMATIC unit collector is available in a range of sizes and with different fans to suit the individual application.

Type H –     Hopper and bin type collection

Type S –     Sack tip version

Type F –     Flanged unit for direct connection to purpose made facility

Type V –     Venting unit supplied without fan


    Optional features include;

  • Filter media and surface treatments to suit the individual application
  • ATEX construction with approved explosion panels and vent ducts
  • Increased bin capacity and plastic liners
  • Integral secondary and HEPA filtration
  • Stainless steel construction for the food and chemical industries
  • Differential Pressure controlled cleaning system